Principal Investigators

Prof. Olaf Blanke

Prof. O. Blanke
The Blanke Lab pioneered the field of cognitive neuroprosthetics by integrating robotics, haptics, and virtual reality with all major human neuroscience technologies, including neural implants. Our main ongoing translational projects are robotic psychiatry for schizophrenia and cogniceuticals for chronic pain.
Prof. Grégoire Courtine
Prof. G. Courtine
Spinal cord injury leads to a range of disabilities that seriously diminish the patient’s quality of life. At Courtine Laboratory, we develop an unconventional research program with the aim to develop radically new treatment paradigms.
Prof. Diego Ghezzi
Prof. D. Ghezzi
In the Ghezzi Laboratory, we develop novel technological approaches for sight restoration, and in general the development of neuro-artificial interfaces and tools for the non-invasive stimulation of the brain with light.
Prof. Friedhelm Hummel
Prof. F. Hummel
The Hummel Laboratory is developing new technologies for post-stroke rehabilitation, cognitive impairments, and ageing using neuromodulation techniques such as non-invasive brain stimulation and brain imaging.
Prof. Stéphanie Lacour
Prof. S.P. Lacour
The Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronics Interfaces (LSBI) explores how to shape traditionally rigid electronic circuits into conformable, skin-like formats.
Prof. Silvestro Micera
Prof. S. Micera
The goal of the Translational Neural Engineering (TNE) Laboratory is to develop implantable neural interfaces and robotic systems to restore sensorimotor function.
Prof. José Millan
Prof. J. del R. Millán
The Chair in Brain-Machine Interface (CNBI) carries out research on the direct use of human brain signals to control devices and interact with our environment.
Prof. Dimitri Van de Ville
Prof. D. Van de Ville
At the Medical Image Processing Laboratory, we pursue the development and integration of innovative data-processing tools at various stages of the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation pipeline of neuroimaging data.