Prof. Dr. Dimitri Van De Ville


Dimitri Van De Ville is Associate Professor of Bioengineering at the School of Engineering at the EPFL. He has a joint affiliation with the Department of Radiology and Medical Informatics at the University of Geneva. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from Ghent University, Belgium. He has been Chair of the Biomedical Imaging & Signal Processing (BISP) Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

His main research focus is on advancing our understanding of brain function in health in disorder by the exploring fundamentally new data processing strategies of neuroimaging data. Approaches include data-driven models of the brain as a network and as a dynamical system. In 2012, he received the Pfizer Research Award in the category ‘Neurosciences and Diseases of the Nervous System’ for the work on fractal organization of the rapid switching between scalp topographies in spontaneous EEG.


The Medical Image Processing Laboratory (MIPLab) pursues the development and integration of innovative data-processing tools at various stages of the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation pipeline of neuroimaging data. We aim at obtaining new insights into brain function & dysfunction by approaches that are based on modeling the brain as a network and as a dynamical system. These new signatures of brain function are promising to interpret and predict cognitive and clinical conditions, and also provide avenues for neurofeedback based on real-time fMRI.


Signal processing, neuroimaging, pattern recognition, network modeling, neurofeedback, fMRI, EEG, cognitive & clinical applications